“How do you end a show that’s been on for 37 years?” It’s a “Herculean task of resolution”, said Nick Hilton on The Independent. The Neighbours writing team decided to end the soap in true Shakespearean style, with a wedding. Last week’s finale – watched by three million people in the UK – saw old-timers Mel and Toadie (Lucinda Cowden and Ryan Moloney) tie the knot as the residents of Ramsay Street decided, “en masse, to sell up and move”.

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Meanwhile, various big name actors who have escaped Erinsborough (Guy Pearce, Margot Robbie, Kylie Minogue) were wheeled on for cameos, which should have been fun, but rather spoiled the plot – while casting an unflattering light on all the Aussie actors who did not manage to break away. 

Well, I thought it was a triumph, said Anita Singh in The Daily Telegraph. I never expected to cry during Neighbours in 2022, but cry I did when Pearce returned as Mike, and was reunited with Plain Jane Superbrain after all these years. I have no idea if the episode was a fair reflection of the soap’s quality in recent years – I stopped watching decades ago – but it delivered nostalgia in spades. 

“Let’s be honest,” said Ben Dowell in The Times, on one level this was “terrible” television – “narratively all over the place”, appallingly edited and sometimes poorly acted. But I adored it all the same. Thank you for loving us/We love you too! was the final message that flashed on screen. In my book, “anyone who sneers at something as good-hearted as that can rack right off”.

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