There are five ways you could troubleshoot Google Chrome if it’s running slow.

To fix Google Chrome when it’s running slow, try clearing its cache or wiping the browser history.
You can also try deleting unnecessary extensions or adding extensions that improve performance.
If your Chrome browser is outdated, updating it can also help improve performance.

Whether you’re using it for work, gaming, or streaming, there’s nothing quite as irritating as when a web browser is running slow.

So, imagine the annoyance for Google Chrome users when the browser coveted for its speediness responds frustratingly slow.

Fortunately, there’s often an easy fix.

What should you do if Chrome is running slow?

Here are five of the most reliable ways to grease a rusty Chrome browser on your PC or Mac computer.

Clear your cache

Periodically clearing your cache, or temporarily stored internet data, from your Google Chrome browser ensures that it functions efficiently, as an overloaded cache can considerably slog down browsing speeds.

And fortunately, clearing your cache is a quick and easy process that takes seconds to do.

1. Open Chrome on your computer.

2. Click the three vertical dots in the top right corner.

3. Place your mouse pointer on the More tools option in the dropdown menu to reveal more options.

4. Click Clear browsing data in the menu that appears on the left.

5. Tick the checkbox for Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files in the pop-up – if they aren’t already checked.

Quick tip: You can click the Time Range dropdown and select the time period you wish to clear the cache, such as Last hour or Last 7 days, if you don’t want to clear all of it.

6. Click Clear data.

Wipe your browser historyClick “Clear browsing data.”

Similarly, keeping your history clean can help …read more

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