DEAR HARRIETTE: My friend got a hair weave, and it looks a hot mess.

Seriously, the hair is a terrible texture that looks fake, and the look is completely unrealistic. The hair goes halfway down her back. Last month, she was sporting a closely cropped natural.

It might be fine if she acted like it’s a wig, but she is pretending like the look is normal, like the hair just grew straight out of her head.

I’m not sure how I should react to her. The weave is so obvious. If she just admitted she was having fun and playing with hair, it might be easier to accept. Right now, it just seems like a bad idea.

Can I say something to her?

Bad Hair

DEAR BAD HAIR: What difference does it really make if she is having a bad hair moment? Unless it is affecting her livelihood in some way, just let her be.

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