Former President Donald Trump is currently under investigation by FBI over whether he broke any of three federal laws with his handling of classified documents the agency found at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump claimed that he could instantly declassify documents during his time in office.
Trump said that, as president, he could get documents classified just by thinking about it.
Declassification requires paperwork to be filed — even if it’s ordered by a sitting president.

Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday baselessly claimed to Fox News host Sean Hannity that he could have declassified top-secret documents just by thinking about doing it during his time in office.

During a lengthy sit-down interview that aired on Wednesday night, Hannity asked Trump if there was a “process” that he went through to get the documents found at his Mar-a-Lago home declassified.

Trump is currently the subject of an FBI probe into whether he broke any of three federal laws — including the Espionage Act — by keeping the documents at his Florida residence. During the FBI’s raid of Mar-a-Lago on August 8, the agency seized 11 sets of classified documents, including some marked “top secret.”

“There doesn’t have to be a process as I understand it, and, you know, there’s different people saying different things,” Trump told Hannity.

“But as I understand, that doesn’t have to be. If you’re the president of the United States, you can declassify just by saying: ‘It’s declassified.’ Even by thinking about it. Because you’re sending it to Mar-a-Lago, or to wherever you’re sending it,” Trump said.

He went on to claim that he understood that “there can be a process” to declassify documents but that it didn’t necessarily apply to him because he was president then. 

“You’re the president, you make that decision. So when you send it, it’s declassified. I declassified …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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