Aldi is a low-priced grocery stores with over 2,000 US locations. 
Sales are exploding as middle and high income customers turn to Aldi for deals. 
I was impressed by all the private-label brands and affordable prices, and I’ve since become a regular Aldi shopper.

Aldi is a discount grocery chain founded in Essen, Germany in 1961. In 1976, the company opened its first US location in Iowa and today it has more than 2,000 stores in 36 states.

Sales are up double digits over the past year, driven by over one million new customers, according to Scott Patton, Aldi’s vice president of national buying.

Source: Reuters

More middle and high income customers, making $50,000 per year or more, are opting to shop at the discount store, Aldi said.A woman carries a shopping basket in an Aldi store in London

Source: Reuters

I visited an Aldi location in Rochester, New York. To pick up a cart at the entrance of the store, I had to put a quarter inside to unlatch it from the rest of the carts.

I got my quarter back when I returned the cart at the end of my shopping trip. Aldi doesn’t have to pay workers to return shopping carts, because customers are incentivized to do it themselves.

As retailers grapple with a shortage of workers, eliminating low pay positions is one way businesses can stay ahead.

I walked inside and was immediately in the produce section.

Most of the fruits and vegetables — including apples, celery, and cucumbers — were pre-wrapped in plastic.

In a recent price comparison, Aldi had lower prices on produce than Walmart did.

Source: Ramsey Solutions

The rest of the store looked similar to the produce aisle.

Products are on shelves …read more

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