Summer is officially over. As we creep into fall, now’s a good time to evaluate your time off: have you used your vacation days yet — or do you at least have plans to do so?

Our story on the efficacy of unlimited PTO is a good reminder to schedule the rest of your vacation days for the remainder of the year, and to take the time you need to avoid burning out.

We’re looking at that and more today — but first, let’s kick things off with the latest on Amazon compensation.

I’m your host, Jordan Parker Erb. Let’s dive in.

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1. Leaked email reveals that Amazon is walking back employees’ raises. A software bug caused Amazon to overstate some corporate employees’ raise packages, according to the email.

Many Amazon employees who just got promoted are finding out that their raise packages actually won’t be as high as they thought, according to an email seen by Insider that was sent to managers on Thursday.
Per the email, the glitch caused Amazon to overstate bonuses for recently-promoted employees by relying on older, higher stock prices for Amazon shares. The glitch was fixed by the company on Tuesday.
The glitch comes amid an upswell of discontent over pay at Amazon. In response, Amazon nearly doubled its base pay cap and promised raises, but that wasn’t enough to quell the gripes.

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In other news:

2. Your company’s offer of “unlimited” time off is basically a sham. In many cases, seemingly worker-friendly time-off policies don’t help make work easier on employees. The result is a workforce that feels burnt out and unable to free themselves …read more

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