During the late summer and early fall, we can still find attractive colors in our gardens. Today’s column includes examples of such late bloomers, which continue to enhance the landscape while appreciating the season’s early rains.

Winter-blooming plants are available for the Bay Area climate, but the fall and winter months often direct our attention to the foliage plants. We enjoy the hues, unique forms, and pleasing fragrances of our flowering plants, and depend on the structures, textures, and colors of our trees and shrubs. Foliage provides the foundation — and often the background — of the landscape.

Adding plants

Today’s column focuses on planning for the fall season when we prioritize moving and adding plants to the garden. This priority reflects the plants’ typical growth cycle, which directs energy to root development during the fall and winter and prepares for leaf and blossom production during the early spring.

There are exceptions to this cycle, as with many aspects of plant cultivation, but a large percentage of familiar garden plants follow this seasonal process.

Gardeners are well-advised also to follow this process by installing plants in anticipation of the onset of our rainy season. As we noted in a recent column, our rainy season begins historically on Nov. 5, with a gradual increase in rain possibilities during the preceding weeks.

Last weekend’s light rain was a welcome precursor to our rainy season.

Here are suggestions for adding plants to the garden.

We recently recommended “gardening by walking around” to identify areas that need improvement. This process should include making a list of areas that could be improved by the addition of new plants. These areas might be existing gaps in the landscape or gaps that you create by removing pants that are under-performing or that you no longer enjoy.

A current project

My own plans include removing a fairly large …read more

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