Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis waves during a press conference, Thursday, September 22, 2022, in Miami.

A state senator has sued Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis after he directed flights to Martha’s Vineyard.
The lawsuit accuses DeSantis of improperly using state funds by picking up migrants in Texas. 

A Florida Democratic state senator has sued to block Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis from orchestrating any more flights carrying migrants to other states. 

Jason Pizzo, a Florida Democratic senator representing Miami, filed a lawsuit on Thursday night, alleging that the governor violated the law when he tapped into the $12 million set aside for migrant transport in this year’s state budget.

Last week, DeSantis took credit for chartering two planes to transport 48 Venezuelan migrants from San Antonio, Texas, to Martha’s Vineyard, as a political stunt in protest of President Joe Biden’s immigration policies. 

Pizzo says in his lawsuit that DeSantis’ actions were in violation of state law because the budget stipulates that the funds may be used for “the transport of unauthorized aliens from this state consistent with federal law.” The flights originated in Texas and made a brief stop in the Florida Panhandle before heading to Massachusetts. 

The governor has said that numerous migrants settle in Florida after crossing the border. Last year, the federal government sent 80 flights carrying migrants into Florida, according to Politico. 

State lawmakers, including Pizzo, overwhelmingly voted in favor of Florida’s budget. Some of the money for the program came from interest earned on money sent to Florida from Biden’s American Rescue Plan. 

“Senator Pizzo never misses an opportunity for his 15 minutes of fame and is challenging an action on an appropriation he voted for,” DeSantis communications director Taryn Fenske told Insider. 

This is the second lawsuit so far over the governor’s controversial …read more

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