War crime prosecutor of Kharkiv Oblast stands with forensic technician and policeman at the site of a mass burial in a forest during exhumation on September 16, 2022 in Izium, Ukraine.

A team of investigators commissioned by the UN has concluded that Russia committed war crimes in Ukraine.
Among the crimes are torture and rape of children, some as young as four years old, the chair of a UN inquiry said. 
It also found evidence of executions, indiscriminate rocket attacks, and forced deportation. 

Russian soldiers have committed a long list of nightmarish war crimes in Ukraine, including torturing and raping children, some as young as four years old, a United Nations investigation found. 

Erik Møse, who led an independent UN mission tasked with investigating human rights violations and crimes against humanity in Ukraine, presented a series of findings to the organization’s Human Rights Council on Friday. 

Gathering evidence from dozens of towns across Ukraine, interviewing victims, witnesses and authorities, and inspecting mass graves and sites of torture, Møse concluded that “war crimes have been committed in Ukraine.”

Møse said the commission determined that Russian soldiers engaged in sexual and gender-based violence, including various other terrible human rights violations such as torture, sexual violence, and “cruel and inhuman treatment.”

“There are examples of cases where relatives were forced to witness the crimes,” Møse said. “In the cases we have investigated, the age of victims of sexual and gendered-based violence ranged from four to 82 years.” 

He added that the commission “has documented cases in which children have been raped, tortured, and unlawfully confined. Children have also been killed and injured in indiscriminate attacks with explosive weapons.”

“The exposure to repeated explosions, crimes, forced displacement and separation from family members deeply affected their well-being and mental health,” Møse said. 

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