Coyote Doggirl Gives the Western a Whimsical, Watercolor Spin

“Shit. We are being pursued by guys. If you get tired or break a leg I will be fuckin’ screwed.” So begins Coyote Doggirl, the new Western-adventure graphic novel from the artist and illustrator Lisa Hanawalt. Speaking is the story’s titular magenta-colored canine-person; she’s addressing her beloved horse, Red, as the two pause on a grassy hill and look to the horizon. There, they spy the people hunting them: tiny, ominous silhouettes of horseback figures in 10-gallon hats. “You could easily kill us both, if you wanted to,” Coyote Doggirl muses aloud to her companion as he carries them away from danger. “I am only controlling you in theory. My… Read More

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